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Y Strap Decompression Traction

Are you suffering from strained muscles or spinal tension due to prolonged sitting at work, rigorous training for athletic competition, or any other reasons? Our Y-Strap Decompression treatment will give you relief from all such discomforts.

ASAP Rehab and Performance provide Chiropractic Y strap adjustments for back, neck, and spinal pain and help enhance mobility.

What is Y Strap Decompression?

Y-strap decompression therapy is a non-invasive technique to relieve spinal pressure by gently stretching the spine using a Y-shaped strap. This therapy alleviates pain, improves flexibility, and promotes spinal alignment.


Benefits of Y Strap Decompression

  • Spinal Decompression: Y-Strap adjustment gently stretches the spine, alleviating pressure on spinal discs. This can reduce herniation, bulging discs, and nerve impingement, decreasing pain and improving mobility.
  • Pain Relief: By decompressing the spine, this therapy can relieve chronic back pain, neck pain, and even headaches caused by spinal tension. It aims to address the root cause of discomfort rather than just masking the symptoms.
  • Neck Pain: Y Strap neck decompression relieves pressure on the cervical spine by stretching the neck gently; it reduces stiffness and nerve compression and improves blood flow.
  • Back Pain: Y-Strap decompression eases back pain by gently stretching the spine, relieving pressure on spinal discs.
  • Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion: Y strap chiropractic adjustments enhance flexibility by releasing tension in muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine. This leads to an increased range of motion, more comfortable and less restrictive.

How Does Y Strap Decompression Works?

Y-Strap decompression is a non-invasive technique that focuses on stretching the spine to alleviate pressure and tension.

  • Positioning: The patient lies on their back while a trained professional, often a chiropractor, applies a Y-shaped strap to the patient’s head and pelvis.
  • Gentle Stretching: With the patient in position, the practitioner gradually applies traction using the Y-shaped strap. This traction gently elongates the spine, creating space between vertebrae.
  • Release of Pressure: The stretching motion helps to decompress the spinal discs, relieving pressure on nerves and discs. This process may reduce herniation, alleviate bulging discs, and address issues like nerve impingement.
  • Muscle Relaxation: Y-Strap decompression not only decompresses the spine but also helps relax the muscles and ligaments surrounding the spine. This relaxation aids in reducing tension and stiffness, contributing to pain relief.

Promotion of Healing: By creating space between the vertebrae, Y-Strap decompression therapy allows for improved circulation and nutrient exchange within the spinal discs. This enhanced circulation supports the body’s natural healing processes.

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