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Graston Technique

Houston’s Choice for Graston Technique Physical Therapy

Graston Therapy, a revolutionary approach in Houston, TX, utilizes specialized tools to treat soft tissue injuries effectively. This technique focuses on breaking down scar tissue and enhancing healing through targeted physical therapy. Embraced by professionals in Houston, Graston Therapy offers a unique solution for pain relief and improved mobility, making it a sought-after treatment in the realm of physical therapy.

What is Graston Therapy?

Graston Therapy, or Graston Technique, is an Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM), enabling therapists to address scar tissues and muscle adhesions.

Graston Therapy is a manual therapeutic approach that uses specialized tools, especially stainless steel instruments, to perform muscle and tissue mobilization.

This technique is particularly effective in treating soft tissue injuries and pain, breaking down scar tissue and adhesions in muscles and ligaments. Graston Technique is often performed along with other physical therapy, such as exercises and stretching.

How Graston Therapy Works?

The Graston Technique uses six pivot tools made of stainless steel. The tools are either concave or convex-shaped with round edges. These instruments systematically scan and treat the affected area.

The therapists apply a contained amount of pressure to the affected area, breaking down the scar tissue and facial restrictions. As the instruments move along the skin, they cause controlled microtrauma, stimulating a local inflammatory response.

 This process increases the blood flow, initiating reabsorption of inappropriate fibrosis and facilitating healing of the affected soft tissues.

Conditions Treated

List of musculoskeletal conditions that can be treated with Graston Therapy:

1. Achilles tendinosis

Achilles tendinosis is a condition where the Achilles tendon degenerates and inflames. This is caused by excessive strain on the Achilles tendon – a band of tissues between your calf and heel bone.

2. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)  

CTS is a neurological disorder caused by pressure on the median nerve connecting your forearm to the palm of your hand. The condition causes numbness, swollen fingers, and pain.

3. De Quervain’s Disease 

De Quervain’s tenosynovitis/ Quervain’s tendonitis is due to the swelling of the two tendons around the base of your thumb, causing inflammation of the sheaths covering the tendons. This excessive strain on nearby nerves causes numbness and pain.

4. Plantar fasciitis 

This condition involves inflammation of tissues running across the bottom of the foot and the heel bone of the toes, called plantar fascia. The primary symptom includes heel pain. The reasons for this condition can be footwear, walking type, and surface.

5. Rotator Cuff tendinosis 

The common symptoms of this condition include swelling around the shoulder area and pain, weak arm, and limited arm motion. This is due to excessive strain on the rotator cuff.

6. Scar tissue 

Cells and collagen covering the injury site are known as scar tissue. Usually, it develops on a person’s skin due to surgery or injury.

The Graston Technique

Various steps involved in the process of Graston technique:

  • Evaluation – Examining the range of motion, pain level, and the extent of scar tissue or muscle adhesion of the injured area.
  • Instrument Selection – Therapists select appropriate instruments depending on the affected tissue’s size, depth, and location.
  • Warm-up – Therapists warm up the injured muscle to increase blood flow.
  • Lubrication – The healthcare professionals apply a lubricating lotion or gel to reduce friction during the treatment.
  • Treatment – Therapists will then massage over the lubricated skin, using an appropriate Graston tool, breaking up the scar tissues and adhesions.
  • Re-evaluation and Follow-up – Analyzing and recording the changes in pain level, Range Of Motion, followed by exercises, stretches, and additional sessions if necessary.

Patient Comfort and Safety

Throughout the treatment, the patient’s comfort and safety are ensured by experienced therapists performing the treatment through proper analysis of the patient’s condition, warm-up sessions, and lubrication before the start of the treatment. 

Even after completing all the sessions, our healthcare professionals help patients reduce the inflammation and soreness that occurred during the treatment.

we have our team of experienced and licensed chiropractors and massage therapists who can perform Graston Therapy with utmost care.

Benefits of Graston Therapy

Pain Relief

It has been evident that there is a gradual reduction in pain after 3 – 6 sessions of Graston Therapy. Patients can feel more significant and permanent pain relief after six weeks of Graston Therapy. The Graston therapy breaks up the scar tissue, significantly reducing pain and firmness.

Improved Range of Motion

Graston Therapy increases the range of motion of the affected area by enhancing flexibility and mobility. A study showed that the Graston technique, followed by general exercises, resulted in pain relief and increased range of motion.

Scar Tissue Reduction

The primary advantage of Garston therapy is its ability to recognize and treat scar tissues. Chiropractors use specialized stainless steel tools to identify and treat musculoskeletal conditions precisely. Graston therapy promotes tissue healing and fastens recovery by breaking down the scar tissue and stimulating blood flow to the affected area.

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